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10/18/12 09:49
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#188685 - Oh so its spam!
Responding to: Stefan Kanev's previous message
When I logged in to the forum today from my handphone , i could not beleive what I saw and as the view is limited in a phone display I thought there was some problem with the URL . In fact there were lots of characters that I couild not even read. The spammers ! Ther MUST be a way to stop in thier tracks ??


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   it's now (as of late Thursday) ultra slow      Richard Erlacher      12/29/12 21:39      
      this matter seems to have been resolved      Richard Erlacher      12/31/12 10:56      
   Links lost      Andy Neil      03/19/13 02:27      
      Link Bleed Out      Michael Karas      04/10/14 09:24      

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