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Jim Granville
11/11/12 17:49
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#188803 - Great
Responding to: Kollár Zoltán's previous message
Kollár Zoltán said:
I've updated the website. In the Screenshots & Examples page you will find examples. If you do not see it, refresh the page. The site is constantly being updated, please visit often.

OK, great, now I can load and run.

Kollár Zoltán said:

ISP: you need an ISP programmer for this function. In examples you found the software, but this software tested only on AT89S8253, and is not yet completely finished. Soon I'll post the schematic also.

I see that uses 89C2051, which is easy to get, but first you need to pgm the device to make a programmer.... less than ideal.

Better might be to support the AT89LP51Rxx series, which have an AutoBaud ROM loader inbuilt, and that could host the SPI loader, or users could simply use the Serial-ROM loader.

The Atmel PDF Section 24.5.5 Flow Description seems to describe the PC Boot interface, which looks like an Intel Hex super-set.

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