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Richard Erlacher
11/11/12 21:50
  11/11/12 21:53

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Denver, Co

#188807 - It's pretty apparent ...
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
Erik means ATMEL, of course. He's had "experiences" with them and their products as I have.

I'm just in the midst of downloading this toolset, but I'll bet the simulator doesn't handle all the variants that the simulator in MIDE51 handles. Sadly, that one only simulatss up to 2kB of code ... <sigh> ... Since I didn't do any work on this project, I won't complain about it. After all, the one(s) doing the work are the ones who get to make the choices. If I needed a toolset like this, I'd want to work it out for the parts that I like to use before I'd work out all the details for products I don't use.

Maybe we can look at the source code and create/suggest "enhancements"?

I do like the ASEM-51, having been a user for about a decade now.


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