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Jim Granville
11/15/12 14:36
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#188833 - Different levels of Simulation
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:
The ability to simulate the effects of a specific configuration, i.e. SFR content is, I believe, quite critical to a specific MCU implementation. I, for one, like the way in which the Maxim/Dallas 89C4x0's use the dual data pointers, with their optional auto-increment/decrement feature.

I would see multiple levels of simulation, all are useful, and higher numbers are more universally useful, and (of course) also more work....

First level is Opcode simulate, with Cycles for Std C51

Second level adds Cycle handling, for vendor variants.

Third level adds extended opcode sim, so things like DPTR++ DPTR-- etc
The Atmel LP51Rx series add some 0A5H opcode extensions, and does some via SFR flags.

Fourth level gives some further SFR emulation.
A commonly seen, universal one here is SBUF-Terminal.

Some variants, have some Maths extensions.

eg the Atmel LP51Rx have MAC SFRs & Opcode, the new Infineon TLE983x series, have their MDU block.

So emulation of that sort of extension, is a logical item for the wish-list.

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