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Robert Bowen
11/24/12 14:17
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St. Peters

#188886 - Why Simulator
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message

The simulator is very important to me. For example, let's take this senerio:

I have coded a function to init UART0 for 57600. However, there is an error in my code for, lets just say, TH1 = (SYSCLK/BAUDRATE/6) - > Note, I should have "16" not "6".

Running the Simulator, I can now witness the "actual" baud rate and know immediately where the error is located.

How would you view the actual baud rate using the SiLabs Debugger? It does NOT present this information during debug... If I am running the Dev board, all I know is that I cannot communicate with it at the expected Baud Rate. The simulator would tell me this immediately.

Example 2, I have just configured the Crossbar to use P0.1 TX and P0.2 RX,
XBRO = 0x09 --> NOTE This should be "0x04" NOT "0x09"
XBR2 = 0x44

Running the simulator, it immediately presents this information to me. Immediately I will know why I am NOT seeing a TX clock on P0.1.

How would you witness this in the SiLabs Debugger?

Again, all of this brings up my "original" post? Where is this information in the Silabs IDE? And as you kindly pointed out, it's not there.

Continuing with the first example above, if I did not use the simulator, how would you determine (immediately) that you have configured the baud rate for something else?

These are just a few simple scenerios, as I have been playing with this all week, I can list at least, 25 of them. I have been routinely going back and forth from the Keil IDE simulator/debugger to the Silabs IDE debugger. And each time, I get more "useful" information about my code using the "simulator" first, then running it on the hardware for peformance and true realtime behavior.

I am definately open to hearing your technique...?

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