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Jan Waclawek
11/27/12 13:49
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#188918 - AX8052Fxxx
Want a '51 with DMA?

The instruction set/clock-per-instruction structure does not match any of what I have already in my table, and appears to be a bit sub-optimal (6 clocks for CPL bit, c'mon :-) ); maybe in-house development?

Intended to match their line of RF chips, but it has a remarkable feature set nevertheless.

The built-in true random number generator and AES encryption machine is said to potentially imply export control from the USA. I don't quite understand how does that match the fact that it is a Swiss company... :-)

Support software includes customized Code:Blocks and they mention also SDCC.

It appears there's some steam in the good old 8051... :-)


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