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David Good
11/27/12 23:44
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#188920 - Large open source 8051 projects in C
Does anyone know of an open-source, larger C project that I could use to study software architecture on the 8051? All of the C code I've found on the web seems to be targeted at learning how to interface to an LCD or else learning to write your very own for loop.

I'm specifically interested in:
-Error handling/logging when deeply nested
-Multi-module orchestration (which may include hardware access or not)
-Protocol command/respond state machines
-Data organization with structs (but not too heavy on struct pointers since they eat the code space like crazy!)

...and other problems which emerge as a consequence of design decisions (or lack thereof) in larger code bases.

I know there are tons of good books on C, and tons of open source project in C, but as has been discussed so many times, you can't write any old C on the 8051 and expect good results.


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