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Joshua Savan
12/01/12 23:12
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#188940 - any voltage level to 0 to 5v interfacing micro.
Dear sirs,
i have a censor whose out put is 0 to 200 mv. i want to convert it to 0 to 5v for micro controller. in my view it needs voltage multiplication including amplification. Can any body give me an op amp schematic for this purpose .

and one more thing can any body guides me for the topic of
Any voltage level to 0 to 5v interfacing to micro with op amp.
here any voltage means it could be in a range of 0 to 2 volts.

any suggestions ( webpages, practical schematics, formulas,tutorials) highly appreciated.

thanks and regards

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any voltage level to 0 to 5v interfacing micro.      Joshua Savan      12/01/12 23:12      
   just google op-amp      Erik Malund      12/02/12 06:50      
   voltage multiplication including amplification      Andy Neil      12/03/12 01:03      
   Duplicate Thread      Andy Neil      12/03/12 01:04      

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