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Richard Erlacher
12/06/12 16:23
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Denver, Co

#188974 - We've all had that experience
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Kai Klaas said:
Richard said:
BTW, I don't dislike the ATMEL parts, as I've not used them. I do, however, dislike the ATMEL corporate culture, as demonstrated in that incident I have repeatedly described, and which I won't repeat here.

Yes, I know what you mean: First they deny that there's a problem with their POR and BOR at all, and then, overnight, they present an "enhanced" power-on reset...

Unfortunately things have changed here in Germany, and I guess nearly everywhere in overseas? It's not so easy to contact manufacturers in the USA directly as it worked in the 80ies and 90ies. You are rigurously rejected to your sales offices in your country where only stupid and inexperienced people sit. People entirely incapable of solving a problem. They only read the datasheet to you and finally you must explain them what the datasheet is telling.

Shareholder value seems to be more important than good service and customer satisfaction. In the last months and years I have given up to ask the manufacturers in the USA for help at all. If the datasheet of a chip doesn't tell me what I want to hear I dismiss the whole chip even if the chip seems to fit perfectly. Where I make my bread highest reliability is of more importance than highest performance...

Kai Klaas

This last paragraph seems to be a widespread issue, and not just in the electronics arena. Over the past few decades, equities trading has been more a crapshoot based on the rapidly changing price of the equity rather than on the long-term yield. It almost seems that these corporate boards want to pump up the stock value so they can sell the company at a profit and retreat into obscurity.

I've seen more than one company built from the outset for a quick sale after establishing "blue-sky". What happens once the company, often built on "underqualified" (a clearly inappropriate designation) lower-paid employees, who then work a great deal to establish the successful business only to have their jobs go to "properly credentialed" employees who are unqualified to support the company's products, who who look good on the employee roster when it's examined by prospective purchasers.

It's too bad that this is so common.

I agree that it's so common that manufacturers have fewer application specialists to advise the designer. They often do, as you say, have few people who even understand what the datasheet says, and, if you are unfortunate enough to have to deal with a distributor's app's help, they seldom understand even what you have to explain to them. It's too bad so many corporations are saddled with CEO and board that only have an eye to the quarterly report.


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