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Jim Granville
12/14/12 15:55
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#188992 - Digikey now fully stocking AT89LP5x :)

I notice Digikey (at last) has full stocks showing of the AT89LP51x lines...

The ED2 is of interest as a 'maxed out' part with 4K EEPROM and RTC Osc, & 64KF,
but I personally like the new AT89LP51RB2, as having lots of useful stuff, above the vanilla 51/52, but at a better price point than the ED2.

Packages in DIP/TQFP/QFN/PLCC, and I'm not sure why they bother with both LQFP/TQFP ?

The LP51RB2 adds Baud Rate Generator, 10b ADC, i2c, SPI, PCA, CalOsc, OCD, KBD, 1152 Bytes XDATA, and MAC + extended opcodes, to an 89C52, and gives 24K of code.

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