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12/14/12 23:51
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#188993 - CanOpen master with Silabs 8051F04X
I am looking for a portable test unit to be able to send just two constant CAN messages to a valve ( CanOpen interface ) for checking functionality. I can see that Silabs has a range of MCU with CAN interface and so thinking of using this to build the unit. Searching for some App notes to get started on this ... anyone has tried this and have some links to some such documents ? Like for instance the 8051F04X short form data sheet talks of 32 message objects... ( Of course I will download the full data sheet and read it shortly ..) I agree I can search and work my way through but right now just need a quick answer to confirm to client its possible.


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CanOpen master with Silabs 8051F04X      Raghunathan      12/14/12 23:51      
   Silabs and Microchip      Bert Van Den Berg      12/15/12 10:34      
      Silabs app notes..      Raghunathan      12/16/12 01:35      
         In some SILabs material ....      Erik Malund      12/16/12 06:32      

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