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12/16/12 01:35
  12/16/12 01:54

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#188998 - Silabs app notes..
Responding to: Bert Van Den Berg's previous message
Hi Bert,


>>Silabs has a number of App notes that got me going.

Thats exactly what I am looking for , but was not been able to locate in the 8-bit MCU app notes page. Can you send me a link to same ??

Actually I was looking at example code in 8051F5x in the Silabs IDE. There is code for Send and another for Receive. But in my case I need to do a Send-receive as I have to send a command and read the response from my CANopen valve... Anyway looks like I am in for a lot of reading to understand the myraid registers to configure CAN even before I start...

Yes I have also seen the Microchip demo board but I dont think it will fit my need.



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