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Bert Van Den Berg
12/24/12 10:44
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New Zealand

#189030 - Merry Christmas
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the survivors of the Mayan end-of-earth disaster.



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Happy christmas      Per Westermark      12/23/12 16:48      
   Yes, Merry Christmas!      Kai Klaas      12/23/12 17:45      
   and a happy new year, whenever       Erik Malund      12/23/12 20:23      
      Merry Christmas      Jerson Fernandes      12/23/12 22:00      
   Merry Christmas      Bert Van Den Berg      12/24/12 10:44      
      Aw shucks ... it was only the end of the calendar ...       Richard Erlacher      12/25/12 22:02      
         Merry Xmas and happy 2012 to the Mayans!      Mahmood Elnasser      12/26/12 12:19      
   Best Wishes to all      Phillip M Gallo      12/25/12 05:00      

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