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Kai Klaas
12/27/12 06:24
  12/27/12 06:26

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#189040 - No!
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
Mahmood said:
Thinking about the problem again (After it has been solved) I noticed that MAX48x chips are rated for 12Vdc supply.

Vcc pin can withstand 12V, but the chip isn't specified to work at that voltage. Specified Vcc is 5V.

Hhm, 200m isn't too long for a RS485 bus. Is there a mistake with the termination resistors? More than only one at the end of the chain? Too low value?

To reduce data signal loss you can take thicker cables, AWG20 instead of AWG24. Try also to slow down the data rate.

Kai Klaas

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