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Jim Granville
01/01/13 12:58
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#189057 - Check Atmel for 'migrating' docs
Responding to: Steph Ru's previous message
Steph Ru said:
I have been prototyping with an 80C31 and it seems to run fine. I got a hold of some AT89C51RC and AT89C51RC2 devices from Atmel (larger on-chip FLASH and ERAM). I know that the RC2 device has some boot ROM addressing setup required as well 1 or 2 other features which makes it different from the standard 80C51.

The 80C31 is external code, but the AT89C are internal flash ?
Are you running them from internal or external code ?

As Erik has mentioned, you can sometimes hit a x2 issue - if it is easy to do, dropping the Xtal speed can check if your Display cannot keep up.

There is also an EXTRAM bit that can need attention.

To muddy things a little more, I would suggest instead looking at the AT89LP51RC2, (/RD2/ID2/ED2/RB2 etc )
These are faster cores, with ADC and similar boot loaders, and are now in stock at Digikey. (& generally cheaper)

The AT89LP51 data sheets are also better written & organised.

Also check Atmel website for 'migrating' docs, they have a lot of those
eg The Atmel Migration doc (3716A) I have here, covers Migrating from
AT89C51RB2/RC2/RD2/ED2/IC2/ID2 to

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