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Steph Ru
01/01/13 22:55
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Silicon Valley

#189058 - 80C52 vs. AT89C51RC vs. AT89C51RC2
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message

Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. I have come back to this project after a priority interrupt so I might have done some of the things I mention below but forgot :(

To Erik's point...I did get the RC2 to run fine. I needed to do some init on a couple of regs related to X2 (among other things) and then it worked as expected (I may also find a use for the keyboard interface available on it).

However, I couldn't get the RC (no X2 to worry about) to run at all (can't remember if I had it running when I was last working on it). I thought it might have been a security issue (at a certain level of lock/security, the CPU won't execute from ext FLASH). I went thru and did a program of FFs as well as a complete erase and made sure the lock bits were disabled. Nothing helped, tho. I'll have to check it out w/a scope. Still open to suggestions on this. The timing of all ext. devices (FLASH, etc.) are well within specs for the RC (I am currently running at 12 MHz but will step it up a bit when I am sure it's running solid).

To Jim...I'm running ext code for now and will eventually move to on-chip FLASH when I have the s/w fairly well written and debugged (Why I could use the 80C31 to test).

Thanks for the pointer to the migration doc and the LP devices. I'll take a look at them.

Cheers and regards...Steph

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