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Jim Granville
01/04/13 16:53
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#189072 - Try a sanity check pin toggle
Responding to: Steph Ru's previous message
Steph Ru said:

However, I couldn't get the RC (no X2 to worry about) to run at all (can't remember if I had it running when I was last working on it). I thought it might have been a security issue (at a certain level of lock/security, the CPU won't execute from ext FLASH). I went thru and did a program of FFs as well as a complete erase and made sure the lock bits were disabled. Nothing helped, tho.

Could be a dud device ? Try a simple 2 line toggle-pin pgm loop in both internal and external memory. (use a different pin) which should tell you if the part is coming out of reset, and if so, where from.

Steph Ru said:

..I'm running ext code for now and will eventually move to on-chip FLASH when I have the s/w fairly well written and debugged (Why I could use the 80C31 to test).

Unless you have a ROM emulator system, it is probably faster to use a device with Boot load for development ?

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