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James Brzycki
01/08/13 07:45
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#189102 - Micro and EEPROM help

I have recently started class called microcontrollers. Were using 8051 trainer boards using the DS89C430 chips I believe. Now since I dont like just class time to do work I found some parts at work I may be able to use, but in researching the chip(DS80C320) its a ROMless chip unlike our trainer boards. So I found a X28HC256P-15 by Intersil. Now my question is quite big, Will this EEPROM work with this micro, how do I contect the EEPROM to the micro, how do I get the code to the EEPROM can it be done with USB as I dont have a serial port(yes I know there are converters, no money). I have read throught some of the data sheets and quite a bit of it is confusing to me as im only two weeks into the class so still alot to learn, I just like to learn at home not only school so im trying to make my own trainer board sorta, and yes I know there are cheap 8051 trainer boards but not alot of money and also that I work in PCB assembly so I have access to alot of parts. Also if there is a better easier option for the EEPROM, open to suggestions since maybe I already have one. Thanks for any help or suggestions

Intersil EEPROM ... fn8108.pdf

Maxim Micro ... 80C323.pdf

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