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Jim Granville
01/08/13 18:10
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#189109 - Better to think smarter
Responding to: James Brzycki's previous message
James Brzycki said:
Will this EEPROM work with this micro,
how do I contect the EEPROM to the micro,

Yes, plenty of circuits for external memory - usually EPROM.
- but, why bother ?

James Brzycki said:

how do I get the code to the EEPROM can it be done with USB

Does the chip come with a USB socket ? ;)

As others have said, you are best to avoid jumping back 25 years, and instead you can learn a lot from simulators, or low cost tools.

Low cost tools :
Future have stocks of Z51F0811000KITG @ $29.95

Silabs have ToolStick's as two pieces :
eg Mouser
TOOLSTICKBA ($17.50) + (eg) TOOLSTICK530ADC ($9.90)

Some Simulators :

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