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Koen De Ganck
01/17/13 03:01
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#189218 - pull-up on PSEN solves the problem
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
re-reset : only works if the first one succeeded. If it fails even a hardware reset does not work after the supply has stabilized

PSEN : is loaded with 1 port, the traces are within 2 x 3cm (4 endpoints ) on a multilayer.
OCD is disabled

I put a pull-up of 100K on PSEN and it seems to be the solution.
A higher value (1M ) should also work ( RC < 100µs )
Maybe the Atmel ship is more sensitive than the NXP version.
Adding a small capacitor on a chip that resets well, make it 'fail' ( startup in bootloader )

As the first samples I got did not have a working bootloader, I bought a programmer (ASIX Presto) and did all programming with it. I also wrote an IAP program to upgrade firmware.

The docs and info on the Atmel website is still not updated, even not clear and disturbing, but I can go on now with the tools and info I have.

Thanks Jim for asking me the right questions and giving the right hints
Thanks to Kai, Jan for responding.

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