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Andy Neil
01/18/13 09:58
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#189261 - He wants you to put descriptive, detailed comments
Responding to: Jai Nair's previous message
Jai Nair said:
you told me that the code would be helpful then now???????????

No - he told you that he does not consider it "code" because it is totally lacking in any useful comments.

He has told you - several times - that he considers it just "meaningless scribbles" in its current state.

You really need to make the effort to provide descriptive, detailed, meaningful comments in your code - otherwise nobody is going to want to read it.

It has also been noted that, in the process of adding these comments, you may well see your own error(s) - so do it!!

The comments should describe what you intend the code to achieve - that way readers can check whether what you've written does actually do what you intended.

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