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Richard Erlacher
01/22/13 09:27
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Denver, Co

#189290 - bear in mind that not everyone will recognize "LED Chaser"
Responding to: Jai Nair's previous message
Until you describe EXACTLY what you want your circuit to do, and how you intend to do it, it will be difficult for anyone to help you. When Erik exhorts you to provide comments, he expects you to know exactly what you want to do and how to do it. The comments are supposed to tell the reader of the "code" what is supposed to be happening and why.

Assembly language is formatted as

label: opcode argument 1,... argument n ; a meaningful comment goes here

the label is optional. The comment really isn't. Once you understand the way in which things work, you might be able to "get by" with fewer and less verbose comments. They are primarily intended to help YOU stay on track. If you omit them, you may not be able to recall, tomorrow, what you had in mind today.


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                                       no, you have not      Erik Malund      01/17/13 13:01      
                                          comment      Jai Nair      01/17/13 13:33      
                                             which is also uncommented scribbles      Erik Malund      01/17/13 13:46      
                                                comment      Jai Nair      01/18/13 09:42      
                                                   He wants you to put descriptive, detailed comments      Andy Neil      01/18/13 09:58      
                                                      thanks       Jai Nair      01/18/13 10:01      
                                                         Will you do it?      Andy Neil      01/18/13 13:02      
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                                                               bear in mind that not everyone will recognize "LED Chaser"      Richard Erlacher      01/22/13 09:27      
                                                   apparently you still don't know what comments are      Richard Erlacher      01/22/13 09:17      
   no, you don't      Erik Malund      01/12/13 19:41      
   ADC with 89C2051 comparator      Hal Albach      01/25/13 18:25      

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