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Brent Wilson
02/04/13 21:12
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#189315 - Silicon Labs Re-launches Engineering Community Forum
Greetings fellow embedded systems developers!

I'm pleased to announce that the Silicon Labs community forums are back online and faster than they've ever been before. We upgraded the server hardware and software and, more importantly, have renewed our internal commitment to re-engage our Applications and product teams with our online community. We have also reconfigured the forum topic layout to support our 32-bit MCUs and also to support future expansion to include other product lines and categories.

You can access the Community forums from almost any page on the Silicon Labs website, in which it will access the forum via a "form". If you prefer a more "direct" interface, like Erik M, for example, you can go directly to:

This is timely because we have a lot of new stuff to talk about: newly released families of 8051 and Cortex-Mx devices, more in development (that we can't comment publicly on), new development tools, new software enablements, new hardware platforms, and new problems to solve, all very exciting!

If you had a login to the forum before, that login and all of your historical information is still intact. If you have lost or misplaced your login info (and the standard "forgot password", etc. stuff doesn't pull you through), feel free to log a ticket in our support portal (it's faster than emailing the webmaster or 'mcuapps' at

We look forward to renewing our forum friendship with you.


Brent W and the Silicon Labs Apps team

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Silicon Labs Re-launches Engineering Community Forum      Brent Wilson      02/04/13 21:12      
   Good to hear      Jim Granville      02/05/13 17:36      

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