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Jim Granville
02/05/13 15:43
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#189322 - Does it need to be exact Metalink ?
Responding to: Maarten Brock's previous message
Maarten Brock said:
Does anyone know if the Metalink assembler is still available for download?

Some ASMs are here, but I see the metalink url is broken.

If it does not need to be exact Metalink, Atmel have C51ASM, which is a macro assembler with no linker stage.
Some minor quirks in the pipeline to be fixed, but the .PDF manual is good.

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Metalink assembler      Maarten Brock      02/05/13 07:35      
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   Does it need to be exact Metalink ?      Jim Granville      02/05/13 15:43      
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   If you need it and can't get it...      Robert Revens      02/06/13 03:47      
      I was just wondering      Maarten Brock      02/06/13 07:30      

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