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Hal Albach
02/20/13 08:56
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Seminole, Florida

#189416 - Not protecting RS & RW
Responding to: Shruthi Rajan's previous message
If you are going to use P2 for data AND control you have to ensure that when you move the data to the port that you do not destroy the RS & RW settings.
In "lcd_data:" you set up RW & RS at the port, isolate the upper and lower nibbles to U & L and then move them to A as a byte. In "loop:" you simply dump A to Port 2, destroying RS & RW.

When you move U or L to A, set bits 5 & 6 in A so that RS & RW won't be modified when you dump A to the port. In fact, as long as you are going to dump A to the port, defining RS & RW at the port is meaningless, because A is going to override whatever you set P2.4 and P2.5 to.


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