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Erik Malund
02/23/13 06:29
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Mt Airy, Nc

#189448 - step by step
Responding to: Daniel Jenkins's previous message
I have NO programming experience, but I am wanting to learn.
first I commend you for a well formed description (are you really going 180mph?)

second with "NO programming experience" you need to forget your project initially and take a few baby steps.

DO NOT put the whole thing together and post "it does not work"

i would suggest

1) to learn about the tools and the basics load and understand 'blinky', make a few modifications
2) hook up your display and show e.g.345
3) make your display alternate betwwen 345 and 678
4) make the alternation happen on a pulse on an input
5) you should by now be close enough to decide next step

PS re your project: would two lines one showing actual pulses and the other showing desired pulses be a way

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