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Daniel Jenkins
02/23/13 11:20
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United States

#189449 - First step...
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Yes, the final average speed will be 180mph. I use 180 since it gives a nice round 30 minute time of completion for simplicity of calculations in these early discussions. I have already completed the race at 110 and 125, next step is 150 this May, and then finally the 180 class is where I plan to finish. There are faster classes than that, but I have no current plans.

BTW, the record is 217.5 average for the 90 mile course in the unlimited division where only speed matters, not hitting an average.

Regarding simply having two outputs of actual and ideal, the more important number is the difference between them. The way this race works You spend the first 70 miles building up a cushion over your average, slow down for a 4 mile section of tight curves and try to come out of there exactly on target. You have the next 16 miles to hone your average to perfect. Winners are usually within 0.02 second or less. The guys who are winning arfe using home build systems like the one I'm trying to do. They can than focus on keeping it on zero rather than mentally comparing 15 digit numbers in their head while driving nearly 200 mph. If that is as far as i get (2 separate displays) I will still be much better off than my current stopwatch and waypoint method. I know it is possible to have the difference displayed, but I won't complain since I am starting form zero here.

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