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Daniel Jenkins
02/24/13 01:10
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United States

#189452 - Good catch on the clock accuracy.
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message

Good catch on the accuracy, I may need to be looking for something else...

I am following your logic, but still figuring out the harware and language. I am first, as previously recommended, simply trying to do an LED blinker to get started and build up from there.

I have waypoints measured to the .001 mile, and the last 5 miles are nearly perfectly straight. The course is 95 % perfectly straight, with a 3 mile windy section called the Narrows. I have the ability to do an on-the-fly update to a final waypoint once the corners are done.

Check out this video. The triple display he has on his dash (readable if you play the video in 1080p) displays speed in integers, seconds to the hudredth and miled to the thousandth. The seconds is the number of seconds he is off perfect, which is just a calculation of the raw pulses that I am trying to use. He resets the readouts exactly as the minute ticks over, which would signal his start time. The seconds instantly start climbing rapidly, but slow and then reverse as he passes his target speed of 150 mph. Also, Notice his 3rd display hits 90.000 exactly asw he crossed the finish line.

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