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Jim Granville
02/27/13 13:44
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#189495 - think precision
Responding to: Daniel Jenkins's previous message
Daniel Jenkins said:
Judging is via 2 synchronized clocks. At the start line, a clock displays the "official time". Cars are cleared to leave on the minute. Your personal time begins as the clock changes from XX:59 to XX:00, whether or not you actually leave is irrelevant.

It is surprising they do not use lasers at each end.

Your first challenge will be to sync with this, or at least capture a phase offset. Is their second GPS locked ?

Things like Displays and cameras all have latencies, so would make sub millisecond lock a challenge, and you need to be well under 20ms.
If is it GPS paced, you could use your own GPS, and then only need to (manually) lock to 'correct second'

Daniel Jenkins said:

My understanding is that the road was surveyed at the centerline and the guys with the really accurate odometers seem to come out nearly perfect.

Even so, if you want to push below the indicated 11ppm, you will need to recalibrate distance as you hit the final, almost straight region.

Do they have mile-markers you are allowed to place equipment at ?
(or do they have a laser beam pre-placed for everyone to use ?)

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