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Jim Granville
02/28/13 02:17
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#189506 - Precision still matters.
Responding to: Daniel Jenkins's previous message
Daniel Jenkins said:
No need for lasers at the start line. The starting line clock is simply a display of the finish line laser's clock. They are electronically set simultaneously in one physical location, then one transported to the start line as simply a display. If I wait 30 seconds after my specified minute, so what. I'll just need to average a slightly higher speed. My actual goal is to cross the finish line on time, not to hold a perfect moving average. There is no trigger at the start line. You get a designated starting time and are scored by your difference between your designated start time and actual finish time as recorded by breaking the beam.

- yes, but you still need to lock your clock, to their clock, to well under 20ms, which is why I asked if they are GPS-second qualified.
You want to eliminate as many manual steps as possible, or make them human-capable. Thus choosing which second is ok, but fractional seconds are best done outside human response.

Daniel Jenkins said:

I can manually resynchronize my setup , but I'll have to do it by sight and manual trigger.

Can you apply your own markers, or can you use existing regular ones like telephone or power poles ?
Are you allowed items like LCD Glasses ?

I make 1 metre ~ 12.427ms, so if you can lock late course markers to well under 1m, you can get under 10ms.

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