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Richard Erlacher
03/07/13 11:15
  03/07/13 11:16

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Denver, Co

#189549 - ... and that's not all
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
For some reason, there are lots of popups associated with 8052 links and even with certain words in the messages, from where I see them, e.g. the word messages in this paragraph.

Was this an intentionally placed feature? Though there are several advertising links, there's realaly not much that's of any use.


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Has anyone looked at the SBC links lately?      Richard Erlacher      03/06/13 12:15      
   The site never really recovered      Andy Neil      03/06/13 16:08      
      ... and that's not all      Richard Erlacher      03/07/13 11:15      

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