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Jim Granville
03/28/13 18:25
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#189584 - Whose code ?
Responding to: Yuva Raj's previous message
Yuva Raj said:
that means i should use a reset generator right. so, is my code workable?

Where did you get the code from ?

Do you expect this code to run on the device you want to Load, or is it going into a separate micro ?

Most Boot loaders sample the PSEN state on RST release, which means the device cannot be running any code, whilst RST is active.
You can use another part to force into boot, if you really want to.

However, Loaders like Flip and TS51, already SW control two handshake lines (or, it can be 1 handshake line and a monostable, if you are line-constrained) that are intended to feed to the RST and PSEN - so why bother ?

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