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Richard Erlacher
04/01/13 09:35
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Denver, Co

#189596 - What we have here is a failure to communicate ...
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
What I meant, Andy, is that it's not easy for one, a newbie, perhaps, who's first visiting the 8052.COM site, to find the definition, let alone the actual 3-volumes, of the "bible."

Anyone who's seen your post will recognize that those are the links, but what about the dozens and dozens of others who've not yet come upon your post and, hence, don't know what the "bible" is or where to find it?

As often as it's pointed-to by this post or that, it would be really good to have a link right there, on the first page of the website, or, at least on the "TUTORIALS" page, or, better yet, on the message forum, where one who's unfamiliar with what's meant by "the bible" or where to find it, can go ahead and look for it.

Anyone who sees your post can save the links and use them whenever he/she wishes, but until they find those links, it's not so easy.


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      Does the link to "the bible" work nowadays?      Richard Erlacher      03/29/13 10:39      
         Why don't you try them?      Andy Neil      03/29/13 11:13      
            I'm not even sure where they are.       Richard Erlacher      03/30/13 11:25      
               Do pay attention, Richard      Andy Neil      03/31/13 07:22      
                  Of course, and they work fine.      Richard Erlacher      03/31/13 08:30      
                     That's why I gave the links!      Andy Neil      03/31/13 16:16      
                        What we have here is a failure to communicate ...       Richard Erlacher      04/01/13 09:35      
                           Sure But....        Michael Karas      04/02/13 06:39      
                              Yes - that is my point exactly      Andy Neil      04/02/13 07:49      
                                 I didn't consider that, either ... perhaps I should ...       Richard Erlacher      04/02/13 12:09      
                              Well, I didn't consider that ... sorry ...      Richard Erlacher      04/02/13 12:08      

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