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Erik Malund
04/01/13 15:35
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Mt Airy, Nc

#189599 - my most painful "textbook experience"
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
I've found, however, that, in recent years, textbooks .... have been wrong more often than they've been right.

many, many moons ago, when getting a PCB made was more than "send us a Gerber, you will have the boards tomorrow" I bought a very expensive book on the ISA bus card (YES, that long ago). I made a Gerber, waited the (then) usual 3 weeks and got a board, had a techie populate it and checked it out on an extender board, made a correction or two and finally were happy. I ordered a production run and FORTUNATELY managed to stop it when I found out that the dimensions of an ISA board as given in the book were 1/4" (do not remember exactly) too large. Had I not pulled the board off the extender in time it would have been a very costly affair, now it 'only' cost a months delay. Since this was before e-mail, I sent a letter to the author but never go a reply. I had an opportunity to look at the 2nd edition of same book in a bookstore and the measurements were sill wrong.


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