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Narendra Jha
04/06/13 12:11
  04/06/13 12:52

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#189619 - PC to 8051 wireless communication problem using Tarang F4.
i m trying to establish wireless communication b/w PC and 8051. i m using p89v51rd2 mc & Tarang F4 transceiver module (for wireless transmission of data).
i tested tarang wireless module by sending data from one PC to another, it worked fine. i have also established wired communication b/w PC and 8051 successfully (both way, i.e., frm pc to 8051 and also frm 8051 to pc).

now, when i introduce wireless module in between, if 8051 sends data to PC i get it exactly as i were getting it with wired communication, but when i send data from PC side something goes wrong, 8051 dos not rcv data send by Computer. i m controlling and LED based on the data rcvd by 8051. but LED does not glow.

i don't know whats going wrong. if 8051 can send data to PC, then PC should also be able to send data to 8051, but its not.

please help.

here is a simple code i have written to send data frm PC to 8051.
org 0h

;configuring serial communication-----start-----
mov tmod,#20h     ;t1mer1 mode2.
mov th1,#0fdh     ;baud rate=9600bps.
mov scon,#50h     ;mode1, 8-bit data,1-start & 1-stop bit,REN(reception) enabled.
setb tr1
again:clr ri
here:jnb ri,here  ;wait till the command is received.
mov a,sbuf        ;copy the command.
;configuring serial communication-----end-----

cjne a,#'y',next
mov p0,#0aah      ;toggle LEDs connected @ port0

next:cjne a,#'n',next1
mov p0,#55h       ;toggle LEDs connected @ port0

next1:sjmp again


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PC to 8051 wireless communication problem using Tarang F4.      Narendra Jha      04/06/13 12:11      
   do you suppose it could be a timing issue?      Richard Erlacher      04/06/13 23:11      
      i don't think there is any timing issue.      Narendra Jha      04/07/13 02:12      
         maybe it's the timing generated by that USB-to-serial module      Richard Erlacher      04/07/13 08:43      
            will check this out      Narendra Jha      04/08/13 06:10      
   RTS, CTS etc      Erik Malund      04/08/13 10:17      
      Modem Control Lines      Andy Neil      04/08/13 12:20      
      it says, "Note : CTS and RTS are optional."       Richard Erlacher      04/09/13 16:37      
         transmitter is transmitting      Narendra Jha      04/10/13 14:06      
      it didn't work      Narendra Jha      04/10/13 14:11      
         O.K. so what have you learned?      Richard Erlacher      04/10/13 14:38      
   problem solved      Narendra Jha      05/11/13 02:15      

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