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Richard Erlacher
04/09/13 16:37
  04/09/13 16:41

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Denver, Co

#189642 - it says, "Note : CTS and RTS are optional."
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
and under "Flow Control" it says it uses "Hardware, None" ... whatever that means.

One thing I hate in high-lever protocol adapters is that they never seem to provide a means of isolating the basic hardware functions from the protocol. How can you verify that either end is doing what it should? The receiver LED is supposed to "glow" but how can you verify that the transmitter is transmitting? How can you determine that any of the hardware functions?


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PC to 8051 wireless communication problem using Tarang F4.      Narendra Jha      04/06/13 12:11      
   do you suppose it could be a timing issue?      Richard Erlacher      04/06/13 23:11      
      i don't think there is any timing issue.      Narendra Jha      04/07/13 02:12      
         maybe it's the timing generated by that USB-to-serial module      Richard Erlacher      04/07/13 08:43      
            will check this out      Narendra Jha      04/08/13 06:10      
   RTS, CTS etc      Erik Malund      04/08/13 10:17      
      Modem Control Lines      Andy Neil      04/08/13 12:20      
      it says, "Note : CTS and RTS are optional."       Richard Erlacher      04/09/13 16:37      
         transmitter is transmitting      Narendra Jha      04/10/13 14:06      
      it didn't work      Narendra Jha      04/10/13 14:11      
         O.K. so what have you learned?      Richard Erlacher      04/10/13 14:38      
   problem solved      Narendra Jha      05/11/13 02:15      

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