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David Prentice
05/11/13 14:33
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#189745 - Use an ISP variant like AT89LP2051
Responding to: Rohan Dey's previous message
The AT89LP2051 or the AT89S2051 can be programmed in-circuit with SPI commands.

I have no idea how the '89c2051' works. Presumably programmed via an external programmer before assembly. You can program SOIC chips in a clam-shell adapter but it seems very inconvenient.

Only you know which device you are talking about.
So only you can know which is the relevant data sheet.

It is much more handy to develop with in-circuit-programmable chips.
You choose which type is easier for production.

Since you have to test the completed boards, you might just as well upload the firmware and run the tests in one operation.


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