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Jim Granville
05/11/13 15:01
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#189746 - Unless you have shiploads of SO20's
Responding to: Rohan Dey's previous message
Rohan Dey said:

I want to know how program/flash the 2051 SOIC. Is there any available programmer for 8051 SOIC?

There are many choices, but you may want to step back a little..

The AT89C2051 can be programmed SMD, using a clothes-peg test clip, and a 12V compliant Vpp (eg 10k series R) (and other pins need to be wiggle-able). or you can pgm before mounting.

Unless you have shiploads of SO20L AT98C2051's for 2c each, and as this is a new design, you might want to look at the AT89LP51/52, as they are the cheapest new parts (~65c), or even the AT89LP2052/4052.
The LP series are all ISP, via SPI at 5V

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