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Rohan Dey
05/14/13 00:49
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#189754 - Complete Part Number
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:
It will help those interested in your problem to identify possible solutions.

When you refer to 2051, do you mean the AT2051? Have you checked with the manufacturer of your 2051 for an SOIC version? Be sure you study the datasheet for possible differences between DIP and SOIC.

The datasheet will reveal the differences, e.g. pinout, etc, with respect to programming.


Thanks for your reply.

Yes I am using AT89C2051 DIP package currently. The data sheet says there is a SOIC version of AT89C2051.

What is the best way of flashing the AT89C2051 SOIC? Flashing before or after mounting on the PCB?
Also please help me out how to achieve the same.


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