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Mikkel C. Simonsen
06/05/13 16:08
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#189868 - Correct, ancient, cable
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:
Atmel has numerous cables for programming, and they don't all work with all At89xxx parts. Are you certain that your programming hardware is compatible with the MCU you're using?

The hardware is the old parallel port to 10-pin header in a DB25 housing. You're then supposed to add a 10-pin header to your application board, and use the supplied IDC-10 cable to connect the programming adapter with your own board. I connected an IDC-10 cable to a ZIF socket instead, as there's no space for an ISP connector on the tiny board this project is on.

But the supplied manual is not very specific about how to connect the ISP header in the first place. The manual is ancient - I think originally only the 89S52, 89S53 and 89S8252 were supported. Those devices need external crystals for programming, and have active high reset pins. The LP214 has an internal 8MHz oscillator and active low reset... But perhaps a crystal or external oscillator is needed for programming? I was hoping someone had attempted this before.

And yes, the "cable" (box) should be OK for this chip. It's mentioned on the Atmel site, and the supplied software supports the LP214.


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