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Jim Granville
06/05/13 18:39
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#189869 - Holtek are known for low cost uC
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
don't know the pricing but not impressive compared to SILabs

True, they need to be lower priced than Silabs, but Holtek are known for low cost uC, and other Asian vendors have low 8051 prices.
I had expected these to use Core-regulators, but it seems not..

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Holtek release HT85F22xx series 8051      Jim Granville      06/04/13 23:15      
   don't know the pricing      Erik Malund      06/05/13 07:19      
      Impressive in what way?       Richard Erlacher      06/05/13 15:39      
         I said NOT as impressive      Erik Malund      06/05/13 15:42      
            raw speed alone doesn't always make 'em impressive ...       Richard Erlacher      06/05/13 22:04      
      Holtek are known for low cost uC      Jim Granville      06/05/13 18:39      
         It won't make 'em less costly in generaly, but maybe ...       Richard Erlacher      06/05/13 22:06      

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