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Mikkel C. Simonsen
06/05/13 21:13
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#189871 - More testing
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
Jim Granville said:
and it also says

� The SS pin should not be left floating during reset if ISP is enabled.
� The ISP Enable Fuse must be set to allow programming during any reset period. If the ISP Fuse is disabled, ISP may only be entered at POR.

It looks like the SS is part of the programming interface. So why doesn't the 89ISP manual mention it at all? But I pulled it high with a 10k resistor.

If there is no device, does it complain about DeviceID ?
Usually a programmer reads-back the Device ID, and that can be a good sanity check.

It only complains if the programmer isn't connected, unfortunately...

I tested the programmer on my ancient Win98 laptop also. it performs exactly the same there. Reads are very flaky. If you try to read the fuse bit settings, the "settings" change every time you click the read button. I did manage to get a chip programmed, but the verify fails, which the Atmel software claims is a success ;)

I dimly remember having weird results with the Atmel software a couple of years ago (programming an AT89S8253), why is why I found PonyProg, which just worked...

If that still does not work, I think this supports LP214

LP214 shows on the ISP via SPI menu, and you need to pgm a simple C51 as a Serial-spi bridge (code supplied).

I'll have a look tomorrow. Too bad none of my other programmers support this chip...


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