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Richard Erlacher
06/05/13 22:06
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Denver, Co

#189873 - It won't make 'em less costly in generaly, but maybe ...
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
less costly than SiLabs. The SiLabs are impressive for their time.


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Holtek release HT85F22xx series 8051      Jim Granville      06/04/13 23:15      
   don't know the pricing      Erik Malund      06/05/13 07:19      
      Impressive in what way?       Richard Erlacher      06/05/13 15:39      
         I said NOT as impressive      Erik Malund      06/05/13 15:42      
            raw speed alone doesn't always make 'em impressive ...       Richard Erlacher      06/05/13 22:04      
      Holtek are known for low cost uC      Jim Granville      06/05/13 18:39      
         It won't make 'em less costly in generaly, but maybe ...       Richard Erlacher      06/05/13 22:06      

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