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Mikkel C. Simonsen
06/09/13 16:30
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#189893 - Wrong how?
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
OK, but wrong. Time must be included in the calculation. E.g. a chip that runs twice as fast will allow twice the active mode current.

Yes, but in this case I looked at the graphs in the datasheet. They list Icc at frequencies from 1 to 24MHz. At 2MHz the numbers are 0.6mA (idle) and 2.7mA (active), so I expected the actual current to be somewhere between the two. Where did I go wrong there?

Why? 3V3 chips also have TTL output levels.

Yes, but getting 5V from a 3V3 device is hard. I'm not driving a TTL input, but actually need 5V. But it looks like some Silabs devices run on 2.x volts internally, and can still do 5V I/O.

IAP/JTAG seems a better solution

Yes, if there's space. The common 10-pin headers are a no-go - there simply isn't that much space available. The devices that only need two pins for programming would be OK.

The reason I chose DIL, is also assembly time. Soldering in a DIL device is a lot faster than the SMD devices (for me). A SOIC is not much worse, but anything smaller takes too long (when you may have a 100 boards to assemble).

I have done a search for Silabs devices at the Mouser site, and it looks like 5V and SOIC are mutually exclusive options. But I may have overlooked something.

I failed to mention in my first post, that my aim is less than 2mA. So I'm close already, but not close enough.


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