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Jim Granville
06/10/13 19:33
  06/10/13 19:34

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#189914 - More idle tests
Responding to: Mikkel C. Simonsen's previous message
Mikkel C. Simonsen said:

The should do nothing except start the timer, and enter idle mode. Using this code, I get 2.53mA with the ceramic resonator, and 2.41mA with the internal clock. With no µC installed, the consumption (voltage regulator) is 0.21mA.

The 8MHz/internal clock consumption matches the datasheet just fine, but does the crystal oscillator really "steal" this much power?

... buy a better regulator ?

Add a jumper to the XTALin, and when it hits IDLE, add jumper to pull the Crystal H or L.
That will remove the linear amplifier current, and some small clocking current.
If that drops significantly, then drive the Xtalin from an external Clock,
(full CMOS swing!) and check IDLE Idd on uC.
Also check full power down, just to verify your test setup.

If external CLK drops Idd a lot, then the OscAmplifer is the problem area.
There are things you can do, to lower Osc Current

Mikkel C. Simonsen said:

Zilog Z51F0410 is close. Wide Vcc, and SSOP10 1mm lead pitch. (SO8 size)

Looks about right.

See also the Z51F0811 data as it has more typical values.

Looks like the "big one" uses less power at 12MHz than the Atmel does at 8, so the 0410 should be a good option.

But how do you program them? I looked around the Zilog website, but didn't find a programming app. Looking at the demo board schematics, it looks like you need TXD and RXD only, so the hardware part should be easy (a MAX232?).

The Z51F is a 2-clock core, so pure MHz is not quite ==
The Z51F0410000KITG, includes the Debug and Programming, done over 2 pins.

The 5V C8051F5xx would also work, if you can find a package you can tolerate, why not get both, and try them ?

ToolSticks from SiLabs, and Z51F0410000KITG are cheap.

When chasing lowest Icc, the data sheets often do not tell the whole story.

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