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Jim Granville
06/17/13 17:36
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#189947 - DisAsm
Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
Michael Karas said:
... That despite some of the serious deficiencies of their debugger and key missing features. The main one being not having symbols interpreted in the disassembly window. (I've filed postings on the SiLabs forums and sent emails to SiLabs several times over the years to try to get them to improve the IDE but never get a response back from them. I guess they are too busy fixing other IDE bugs and adding new derivatives to the IDE).

I've given them another tickle over this.
DisAsm that simply copies opcode hex for relative address destination, is not DisAsm at all.
- and adding symbols display, has to be not much work, they KNOW what they are already, in other windows. D6H for a SFR name is primitive.
Simle extra things like GoTo Editor Cursor, & Goto next break point, would make browse of DisAsm easier.

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