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Joseph Hebert
07/01/13 06:35
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Okemah, Ok
United States

#189973 - Snipping
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
Thanks Jim,

I have a special jig head for my Pace solder station just for the PLCC44. Of course, the chip will be in no better shape using either technique. I just can't get the chip to desolder without exceeding it's maximum temperature rating, and you can bet the innards of the little buggers always melt before the solder. Even then I still usually manage to delaminate at least one pad, maybe two. Maybe I'm just too impatient. I might give your smipping tip a try. What really irritates me is that now I'm going to have to spend more on shipping than the part costs. No. What really irritates me is missing the hyphen in that part number the first time I ordered. I suppose I can order an extra part or two to help prorate the shipping cost.

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