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Richard Erlacher
07/01/13 07:40
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Denver, Co

#189974 - Have you considered using adapters?
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message
Yes, removing parts soldered into your PCB is a pain in the *ss, but ... you might be able to help yourself with one or another of the adapters offered by various Chinese PCB houses (probably made to use up otherwise wasted board area) that adapt more readily available package types, e.g. tqfp, to PLCC footprint, Once you've removed the existing component, fatally or not, you might consider adding a socket of those machined-pin socket pins, such that you can then substitute whatever sort of PLCC-based device+adapter you want.

Most of my own prototypes are wire-wrapped rather than printed-circuit, but I've still used such adapters with satisfactory results. Those made-in-China adapters cost very little, often less than $1 including postage, though you generally have to buy more than one, and have extended the life of various already-functional circuits. In my case, they've been for PLD's rather than for MCU's, but still ... it allows me to use circuits in which I have considerable confidence and which already do precisely what I want.

It'll mean a considerable effort, but it appears you'll have to tolerate that anyway, and next time, if there is a next time, it'll be a lot easier.


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