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Michael Karas
07/04/13 14:32
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Beaverton Or

#189980 - Interactive
Responding to: Jeff Post's previous message
Jeff, Have you thought of making the front end of D52 be an interactive user interface where the user can build the disassembly control tables on the fly as opposed to the separate manual editing of the control file and then re-lanching the command line disassembler in a repeated manner.

Michael Karas

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Jeff Posts d52 download      Maarten Brock      06/22/13 04:39      
   I've got it ... if you don't mind an old version      Richard Erlacher      06/22/13 14:52      
      Let me know whether you've received it, please.      Richard Erlacher      06/25/13 22:13      
         got it      Maarten Brock      06/26/13 02:47      
            v3.4.1      Jan Waclawek      06/26/13 06:32      
               Thanks      Maarten Brock      06/28/13 00:43      
                  3.4.1 is probably the newest      Jan Waclawek      06/28/13 01:08      
   D52      Jeff Post      07/03/13 11:41      
      Interactive      Michael Karas      07/04/13 14:32      

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