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Jim Granville
08/01/13 04:53
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#189989 - A good addition
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
Jan Waclawek said:

- SiLabs who pushes ARMs aggressively in the last years still has significant customers for the '51 (probably from automotive area)

There are plenty of 8 bit customers, in spite of the marketing noise.
Microchip reported increases in 8 bit sales, and in Asia there are many new 8051 variants.

Jan Waclawek said:

- SiLabs who was the "high-$" '51 producer ever since, dropped the prices to the 10s-cent area (compare with a similarly equipped 'F3xx).

What is significant, is they are the first USA vendor to join the Asian 8051 party.
The chip family is good, but the narrow Vcc range disappoints.

Others are already offering 1.8-5.5V - are the Americans now playing catch-up?

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New SiLabs F85x/6x      Jan Waclawek      08/01/13 03:42      
   A good addition       Jim Granville      08/01/13 04:53      
      you may, as well, get used to 3V3      Erik Malund      08/01/13 08:42      
         1.8-5.5V :: is the new game in town.      Jim Granville      08/01/13 14:10      
            if i need a 3V3 chip ....      Erik Malund      08/01/13 19:48      
               Try Logic level power FETS        Jim Granville      08/01/13 20:30      
               USB 5V      Andy Peters      08/12/13 14:23      
                  .. or multiple onboard regulators      Jim Granville      08/12/13 19:15      
                     lots of chips these days have that      Erik Malund      08/13/13 08:43      

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